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Thread: This is kind-of what you see when you wear an Oculus Rift

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    I am only 24 hrs in and and the immediate immersion was incredible BUT I am a hardware and graphics whore first so I was sutkc trying to get right settings and not paying attention to the actual game. I need a few hours, alone no wifey, just playing game. I also moved my SIMRIG and added carpet to the woodfloor and totally screwed with my HZ and DB settings for the rig too. So I am starting over.

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    I've now tried the Acer and HP Windows MR and also the Vive but only in the demo's available .
    I Found that there was only a tiny sweet spot in the WMR headsets and the Vive have much clearer vision all round albeit with more screen door .
    When i say clearer but more screen door i mean that with WMR it looked like there was finger prints smudged in the lenses around the edges .
    Would anyone who has tested both types and also Rift please help me , i'm soooo close to purchasing VR and would have today came home with Vive if i hadn't read a thread on this forum where people where talking about how the Vive has pretty bad visuals when looking far ahead down the track ......
    Man i'm stuck and really feel i need VR NOW but feel scared to purchase and waist money .

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    ^ Link doesn't work mate.
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    A few helpful links for you

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    Oculus still have the reduced price of $399 USD including 2 x Touch controllers, 2 x sensors plus 7 free games & apps which is a really great value deal and cheaper than Vive. For racing the Rift is numero uno IMHO. From reading posts of the guys who owned both Vive and Rift it was pretty much the consensus that Rift was best for sim racing plus the touch controls have better ergonomics than the Vive wands. Something better of course will come along in next couple years but with current Pc cpu + GPU horsepower the Rift runs nicely. Other consideration is the Oculus os with ASW and ATW is superior to Vive's equivalent. Go for it I would say while that price holds as it says “while stocks last”. Be quick!!! And BTW your system will run pC2 in VR with high settings and awesome performance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzza5 View Post
    Before I received my Rift I heard many say it was brilliant but I also heard some disappointment as to the visual quality. I assumed it would be good enough for me not to care (which is true) but there are probably many others who are also unable to 'just try it' and wonder what they can expect to see if/when they finally get to wear one. So I took the mirrored output of one race and made the following visual edits to give a rough idea (don't shoot me if it's not 100% perfect) of what the Rift is like to look through:

    Yes you can see the black edges on the sides (you can actually see a little more above and below the edges shown here) but don't forget this image is hard up against your face and not half a meter away.
    At least it looks 1000x better than the PSVR... So I won't regret my purchase when I see this... will know for sure in a week.

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