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Thread: Can you beat... The Consultants?

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    Can you beat... The Consultants?

    If you were active on WMD during development or if you've read this feedback compilation in depth you'll know that handling consultants Nic Hamilton and Ben Collins don't just talk the talk in public interviews. They're honest when things aren't up to scratch, and quite excitable when they are!

    In a recent interview Ben describes how the gap between real and sim racing is closing and how VR will likely be here to stay as another immersive racing tool, but laments that there are still some gamers out there that are faster than him.

    Does that include you?

    Watch Ben (aka Tom Curtis) set a 1:19.277 lap-time around Oulton Park in his favourite vehicle, the Formula B. If you're up for the challenge, post your video below!

    Easy peasy? Well then, you should have no problem taking on Nic's laptime (aka Tom Curtis) of 1:31.860 at Zolder in a 1978 Renault Alpine A442B.

    Be sure to follow Project CARS on Twitter, Facebook, or RSS if you're old-school to keep informed of the latest news and challenges.
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