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Thread: Looking for Racing Group to do races with on Tuesdays

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    Looking for Racing Group to do races with on Tuesdays

    Our group Viprix is looking for another racing group that is willing to co-organize events on Tuesdays (preferably once every 2-3 weeks @ 20.00 UK). Our races typically have an attendance of approx. 15 drivers, and we race with a multitude of cars so we're fine with almost any combo.

    If interested, please reply
    Administrator of Viprix
    Feel free to send me a friend request on Steam to have a chat!

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    RWB have started Tuesday race nights but it's on Automobilista. Just encase you're getting interested

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    Hi Vitesse We do Tuesday races and are start one in Sept group C. We usually have about a dozen racing regularly. I think you will know most of them. Check us out at and Steam Project Cars 2 Racing Group

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