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Thread: Thanks all!

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    Thanks all!

    Just want to thank SMS and the other parties (already) for the TT events this year! It was awesome to see Project Cars being so active in esports. We really loved the team-aspect in this competition as well! We have become a very close group of friends because of this! And within our community Project Cars is still the most played racinggame. And extra bonuspoints for the fact how easy it is to get in contact with SMS, awesome!

    This game has changed a lot for (more serious) sim racing especially on console with this events, and also because of the great adjustability in private lobbies for league racing. It's a new benchmark for online racing on consoles imo! I've (and a lot of others) have never played a game so long and with this many hours put in before! Can't wait for Pcars2!

    And while there where discussions, thinks not always going smoothly and so on, it's something we all can learn from.

    Our community really hope to see more esports like this team based TT events next year! (Maybe a little more 'spreading' of prices would be nice between teams )

    Thanks SMS, and ofcourse the whole community!
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    Couldn't agree more

    Though I'm slightly biased, I walked away with the MVP award for the NVidia Challenger Series

    It was the first e-sports competition I've taken part in but it certainly won't be my last, as long as the Slighty Mad Gang are happy to oblige with more events after the Ginetta at the end of November/early December . I know for a fact that I improved my driving skills during the course of the competition and, for that, it was priceless .
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