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Thread: 2.4 hours of Le Mans (26/11/16)

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    2.4 hours of Le Mans (26/11/16)

    Hi guys, Is anyone intrested in competing in a 2.4 hour race at Le Mans for LMP1 LMP2 and GT3 cars.All assists are allowed and forced settings off.The event will start at 19 : 30 GMT with qualifying and warm-up before the race starts at 20 : 00 GMT for 42 laps and a formation lap ( check the AOR manual start procedure to learn how to do this with the acceleration point out of the final turn ) If you wish to compete please post your gt, car, livery and answer to the question "Will you race cleanly and fairly "below.
    Current entries availible : 16
    Hope to race you!

    PS:Check the Project CARS Community Events 2.4 hours of Le Mans (all platforms)thread by SmokingPuppy841 on the AOR forums for more info.
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