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Thread: Logitech G Championship Series Round 10: FR 3.5 at Catalunya

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    Since publishing the results of the LGCS Final, new evidence has come to light, which demonstrates that two members of the PSF Racing team did not perform their own laps during Round 10.

    SMS has conducted a thorough investigation which included questioning members of the PSFRacing team and other LGCS teams, and working with our console partners. Evidence included a large number of screenshots and videos of Facebook conversations between PSF Racing drivers and other LGCS participants and this unfortunately shows that Rafael from PSF Racing was responsible for performing both teammates SpideR and Fab's laps in a deliberate attempt to disrupt the competition in the final round and the results of the overall championship.

    SpideR had already been eliminated from Round 10 in the initial results, after admitting to SMS staff that someone else had driven in his place. However, in light of this new evidence received, SMS now has no choice but to now eliminate Fab from the Round 10 results also.

    The regulations on this are quite clear...

    5) CONDUCT

    Drivers and teams are expected to act professionally both within the game and outside of it.

    Penalties may be awarded to all members of a team if any one member is judged to have brought the LGCS into disrepute or to have cheated in any way. ​Penalties are at the discretion of the organisers but may include: point deductions, disqualification from the current round or multiple rounds, disqualification from the LGCS or other Series, restricted access to live public eSports events, and limited access to sponsors and prizes.

    All rulings, judgements and penalties determined by the organisers during the course of the season are binding. Appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the organisers.
    In this particular case, all participants should be well-aware of our stance on account sharing since it has been raised before. Secondly, a deliberate attempt to manipulate the results of both Round 10 and the overall championship standings is grounds for penalty in and of itself. And thirdly, the messages we have seen passing between competitors show a lack of respect for each other that borders on threatening behaviour. As both a game developer and organiser of events, we cannot condone this either in public nor online.

    Hence, the final points standings have now been updated for the LGCS Console Division, and these have been updated on the Esports website. We have a new winning team, and - due to PSF Racing's actions - they now lose the third place spot to Unity.

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    It's a real shame that some cannot play by the rules..... this post and the decisions taken just go to show that they can't get away with it.

    So just don't do it guys, as you are just shooting yourselves in the foot.
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    A few helpful links for you

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    This afternoon, further evidence in the form of video and images was brought forward by PSF Racing. The team have studied this new info and now unanimously agree that teammate Fab did in fact drive his own lap during Round 10. Therefore, technically, his lap is valid and should be reinstated.


    During the course of the further investigation, additional evidence came to light that clearly showed that Team Shark Racing and PSF Racing were collaborating and sharing information in a joint effort to deliberately manipulate the final round and results of the season, unfairly damaging the competition in an attempt to disrupt another team from winning.

    This kind of collusion between teams is an attempt to influence the final results of the season and is absolutely unacceptable. This behaviour brings the championship into disrepute and will not be tolerated.

    When considering also that our own investigation has been hampered by false allegations and deception, we have taken the decision to eliminate all members of PSF Racing and Team Shark from the Round 10.

    The results from Round 10 have once again been updated to reflect this and they will not be changed further. The adjustments do not alter the overall championship winners.

    The behaviour by these teams has only occurred in the Logitech G Series, and therefore will not impact any previous results in the separate NVIDIA Series.

    It's deeply troubling that this kind of conduct is occurring behind the scenes between teams but our stance has been - and always will - remain firm to penalise those that are involved, and we hope this sends a clear message to all that.

    Season Two is now complete and the holiday break is fast approaching. I encourage all drivers, managers, engineers, and teams to consider their behaviour in future and to come back strong next year with a more professional outlook.
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