Me and a fellow racer of mine are looking to start a new open wheel racing league. We will be following GP3 and GP2 rules closely. Looking to race the Formula C or Formula Gulf car and then upgrading to the Formula B after a season or two and one day into the Formula A. We already have about 5 or so drivers from an old F1 2016 league we were in but we are looking to increase it to around 16 drivers. This league is solely for fun nothing else. We share setups and tips all the time, and we are always trying to make each other better drivers. The races will be rather short compared to the racing we normally do (somewhere between 30 to 60 mins in length). We will also have a calendar setup of races and a points system that anyone can view online. We all also race in other games such as F1 2016, Iracing, Forza 6 and Assetto Corsa (all on Xbox One except Iracing of course) and we are always having a race or two every night. So if you are interested in joining our league and club across all games just message me here or on Xbox Live. My gamertag is RazMaTaz87.

PS. I will be much easier to get a hold of on Xbox Live than here but I will be checking on here from time to time.
Also, anyone wanting to join us will have to join us for testing and checking of personality.