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Thread: Whats it like

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    wrt to motion sickness make sure the lens are as close as possible and you adjust your IPD/PD (pupilar distance) accordingly. Apparently the VIVE has a button for this and quite important one too when it comes to optics. Those who where glasses should even have this value in the prescription.

    Also, for the VIVE users at least, try the thinner pad (I've read the one that's default it's the larger one) and it seems that you can change it for the thinner one and again, the closest to the lenses the better.

    Also, try to play with the world movement slider. I don't know if it impacts VR (it should) but it should mitigate with all the bouncing (probably).

    Still waiting for mine and it's killing me
    My feedback is always on default setup unless stated otherwise. Auto-Clutch is OFF
    Still hoping for Estoril one day

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    | FFB: RAW|Gain: 100 | Volume: 50 | Tone: 50 | FX: 50 [B]

    | Visual FX: Default except Interion Flare: Off
    | Performance - Aniso: 16x | MSAA: Medium | Vsync: Off | Grass: Low | Envmap/Reflections/Shadows: Low/medium/low | Car/Track: High | Blur: Off
    | E. Mirrors: Yes | Particles: High/High | SS: 1.2 | Sharpening Strength/Clamp: 0.6/0.045
    | Driving assists: ABS/TC, maybe - SC always OFF
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    I find that world movement settings that keep the car still are best for motion sickness; you still feel like things are moving, but it's natural movement as you react to the driving. Close up and middle distance, image quality and definition are very good. Where it falls down is in the far distance, where details suffer and things go a bit fuzzy, which is obviously a drawback for racing.
    I also found that open wheelers were more barf friendly than closed top cars at first, less claustrophobic.

    As everyone has said, it's a brilliant piece of kit, so long as you understand its limitations you'll not be disappointed.

    Also, get a joystick and try flight sims with it (DCS, WarThunder, AeroflyFS2), that's a whole other adventure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommy3010 View Post
    Hi all just want to know what its like as i was going to buy an oculus rift but cant really see any footage but it looks like really good quality but some people its bad do i wait or do i go for it arrrrrrrr lol
    I think everyone's right on with whats said..

    A lot has do with your computer setup... In VR you almost have to keep the FPS up 90+ FPS for the Vive or the games will De-immerse you AKA make you feel like your not really there and that's what gets some people sick (Not me thank god) but still I feel disconnected and will not play anything in VR for long under 90 FPS (maybe that's why I don't get sick???)

    I don't know what your system specs are but that needs to be known before you drop a bunch of cash for a VR unit and have a huge disappointment, assuming GFX quality wise your going to get what you see on your 2D monitor in your VR headset.

    I have 2x 1080 FTWs not overclocked, so on my 2D screen at 4k full settings I'm getting 180 FPS... But jump into VR (roughly half rez) + the game will only uses 1 video card, max settings my FPS is around 45... So If I wanna play the game and feel like it plays on my monitor I have to set EVERYTHING to low and cut AA back halfway....

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    I've been using Rift for 2 weeks now , and others have mentioned the immersion factor is awesome, hit a wall at 100 mph and you'll be checking you haven't broken your ankles!
    Although graphically its a downgrade on a monitor, the Immersion goes way beyond making up for that.
    I wouldn't go back to a flat screen.
    i7-8700k, liquid cooled, 1080Ti. Oculus Rift VR, Fanatec Clubsport V2.5, Universal Hub SQ Shifter, Pedals V3, GT Omega Pro cockpit
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