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    Question Question For Developers

    Quick question to the developers out there: Does anyone have a list of "garage locations" for each track? While I could figure them out myself, the honest fact is that my app doesn't have a significant enough audience to merit the time that'd take, to fix what is really a minor issue.

    Longer explanation:

    In a race, if a car crashes, and then "Retires To Garage" before the leader gets there, that car is magically listed as being in first place because it teleports to the garage and is farther down the track than the leader. Even the telemetry feed shows it as the leader. Now, obviously, this situation only lasts a short time, since the leader is going to continue lapping and the retired car isn't, but in that edge case, it produces a strange effect where a car from WAY back int he pack jumps to the lead, then slides down as everyone passes the garage.

    I'm looking for a foolproof way to detect the retirement, and if someone had a bounding box for the garages, that would do it.

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    No easy way with using track data unfortunately, without going to each track. But you could look at some kind of deferred processing, where you track the %track position and look for large changes, ditto if you compare other car race positions. Then just don't honour what the game is reporting.

    It's probably not foolproof, but with a few combinations, you should find something that works.
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