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    Since project cars is now free to download from xbox live there's going to be alot of new comers to the game so heres a little helpful controller setup guide to make the steering/Handling less twitchy and playable.

    To change the controller settings head over to options and help - then controls - then configuration and apply the following.

    Steering deadzone 0
    Steering sensitivity 0
    Throttle deadzone 0
    Throttle sensitivity 0
    Brake deadzone 0
    Brake sensitivity 0
    Clutch deadzone 0
    Clutch sensitivity 100

    Speed sensitivity 68 - the higher the value the less twitchy the steering is at high speeds and have less steering lock at higher speeds.

    Controller filtering sensitivity 68
    Force feedback 75 - Personal prefrence
    Controller input mode 3
    Advanced on
    Soft steering dampening on
    Visual wheel filtering on
    Opposite lock help off

    Hope this helps everyone out!
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    Good idea mate may save lots of questions being asked .
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    Here is my suggestion for the XBox One controller (I use Elite Controller):

    1) Follow the video from Moneyman300 :

    2) I dropped force feedback to like 30 or something, I still found that 80 to be way too strong. For the rest I left everything exactly as in the video

    A car that really drives great straight out of the box (after applying Moneyman's generic controller settings) is the Mercedes-AMG GT3.

    Note to new players : some cars you will absolutely love, others you will absolutely hate (karts anyone? ). Don't stick too long with a car that doesn't do what you want it to do, move on to another one.
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    anyone else notice when ever you turn on opposite lock help and then turn it back off. It doesn't seem to fully turn off unless you fully reset your controller by scrolling thur the preset numbers? Even tho it says off the car still feels twitchy and also the steering animation still has more lock

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