Hello pCars people.

I've not done much sim racing for a couple of years now but picked up PCars again tonight and loved it.

I've recently gotten interested in Arduino and have a Bluetooth LE board which I'm interested in using to intercept the UDP stream to give me some live data.

Ive seen some on here have done this with some success on PC but I'm unsure as to whether anybody has got it to work with PS4.

Would anybody know much about this?

Eventually I would like to get a steering wheel display working such as the Z1 display but not with any wired connection. Obviously I need to crawl before walking so at the moment I'm just looking for a BLE connection to the PS4 for additional button support via the HID function programmable via Arduino IDE.

Is anybody tinkering along the same lines? Shout up if you are, we can compare notes!

Thanks all.