A DLC session with the Bentley Continental GT3 for Project Cars on Xbox One.
This is a DLC car, but you can join even if you don't own it. The idea is to allow anybody to drive and learn the car, without having to buy it.

The session will be in Dubai International. The only available car will be the Bentley Continental GT3 but you will be allowed to edit its set up and tune it as you wish. the session is not about winning. It isn't even about the race!
2 x 20 minutes practice, 1 x 15 minutes Qualifying and to finish it all, a short timed race of 15 minutes.

The weather will be set to clear.

No talking/chat will be required and you're welcome to just join, have fun and leave when you've had enough. Only a couple of rules apply (for now)

No intentional hitting or cheating - respect each other
No burbing, eating chips, loud music. Mute your mike it if you don't use it

Send a message to gamertag "Firben" to get an invite. Only 16 places will be available and even though highly unlikely, it might be full

2pm UK time
9am NY time
4pm Finland