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Thread: DLC Session BMW V12LMR

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    DLC Session BMW V12LMR

    Tonight at 8pm UK time (21:00 CET) we'll run a short session with the BMW V12LMR from 1999-2000
    There will be a long qualy of 30mins to get used to the car and get a feeling of how it drives. Then we'll do a short race of 8 laps around Road America.
    If it all goes well, we'll run a couple more races with shorter qualification sessions

    Only 2 rules at the moment:

    • Mute your mic if you are not using it (burping, eating chips etc is rude)
    • No intentional ramming, cheating

    Add your gamer tag in the comments section of this page, to get an invitation:
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    Fantastic car to race and drive.

    Here's my setup for Imola

    Can drop the downforce and adjust gear ratios to work at Road America.
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    Thanks for this!
    Will give it a try and hope others who show up will find it useful!

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