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Thread: Virtual Motor Racing Club

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    Virtual Motor Racing Club

    We are Virtual Motor Racing Club - VMR for short. You can find us on

    We have a background in rFactor 2, running a very successful V8 Supercars series for the past few years as

    Those of us who run the rf2 series find ourselves with no where or no one to race So to that end we have created VMR and broke out our copies of of Project Cars. We've all been big fans of PCARS, but with all the RF2 stuff we never quite got around to racing with it. So we aim to put that right.

    We are an open and friendly community, so we'd love you to come join us.

    The intention is to start off with some Clio Cup races to get us started. We have all the infrastructure, dedicated server, voice server (teamspeak) and website, we just need the new members.

    So if you are wanting some racing, come join us this Friday 9th June for the Clio's at Donington Park National. All skill levels welcome.

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    Are you EST based?

    Or usefully close? :P

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