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Thread: "Control Mismatch" in Steam despite paired Xbox controller

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    "Control Mismatch" in Steam despite paired Xbox controller

    Have a paired new XBox controller (turned on) and get a "Control Mismatch" message in Steam each time PCars is launced. Controller unresponsive in PCars even after choosing it in "controls" dialog in game. Using Vive HMD. All firmware up to date. Win10 Controller properties say it is working properly. Clues? Thnx

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    Open up Steam's Big Picture mode>settings>controllers and delete/remove any controllers listed. This may or may not help. Worth a shot. If your still around.
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    Also got this problem, after it load it puts me back in to the steamVR menu and i cant get back to the game

    What can i do to fix this :S

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