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Thread: Only certain mods working with steam version project cars! Please help!!!

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    Only certain mods working with steam version project cars! Please help!!!

    Hi everyone as stated above I am having trouble getting certain car mods to work! In some instances the mods have worked previously but have started playing up! For example the Evo tuned mod has worked before, but when I have tried recently I get unhandled exception and back to desktop! Also any new mods that have been released have done the same! I am installing the mods correctly and adding the relevant txt to the mod and tyre files but to no avail. It is a genuine steam version and also up to date. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks. 😉

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    Well, it could be that 1 Mod upsets the other ones So you will Need to remove them all and put them one to one with Testing back... I had something similar not a long time ago..

    The Game didn't received any Updates or Changes, so it has to be something like this...
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    Thanks for the reply. Makes sense really considering some of the mods worked fine, then stopped! I'll try that thanks ��

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