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Thread: The Big Willow Freedom Sprint 2017?

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    The Big Willow Freedom Sprint 2017?

    So i have never tried a community even before so i thought i would try the The Big Willow Freedom Sprint event, i done a lap im pretty happy with that was around 1:16. What i dont get is how i then end the event, save my lap to be uploaded onto the leader-board?

    I mean i dont see a time limit or X amount of laps to do the trial in?
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    What car was that time for?

    I've just started playing with the time trial feature myself (off-line only) and have been running every class at Big Willow to see performance differences. The GT3 cars all seem to be real close on times but all do have VERY different driving style requirements to achieve the fastest score as do the LMPs. I was thinking it was just the engine sounds that make you "feel" they are different but after killing the sound, they all do require different disciplines to get to their individual limits.

    Of all the cars, I can only get down to just less than 1 minute scores with FA cars. I'm right at 1:05 or 6 with LMP1's or FB's but can only get down to around 1:16 for the GT3 class.

    (BTW, using a joystick on PC)
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