The Dedicated Sim Racing League presents the 1000km of Watkins Glen!

This is a one off event that will be hosted on the 6th August 2017.
The only car that will be used for this event is the Oreca 03 Nissan LMP2 car.
The reason for this is to keep the field close but TUNING will be ALLOWED!

To race in the event, you will need to be entered as a team. Teams can consist of 2,3 or 4 drivers of which all drivers must complete 1 of the 4 stints on offer.
There will be up to 14 teams allowed to enter, as there will be only ONE RACE LOBBY.
No driver may double stint meaning that for a team of two drivers, the drivers would need to alternate between sessions.
For example Driver 1 will complete sessions 1 and 3, and Driver 2 will complete sessions 2 and 4.

The race structure is simple.
The 1000km will be split into 4 sessions, each of 250km.
All drivers competing will be in the same session hosted by a race host or admin.

All assists will be set to REAL, with FULL DAMAGE ON, and only COCKPIT and HELMET CAM being used.

The race will have a maximum of 14 drivers in the lobby representing the 14 different teams. The 2 spare slots will be used by myself (DSRL aidtheace), and Webbers (DSRL Webbers88) to LIVE STREAM THE WHOLE EVENT. This will be on and will be there for drivers who want to watch how their team mates are getting on whilst not driving, with LIVE TIMING and COMMENTARY on offer.

We hope you look forward to racing this event.

Get your team together as Sign Ups are OPEN NOW, along with livery selection and more information on session structure and weather conditions.

Get practising!

Any questions please just ask

Cheers, Aid.