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    Angry IGA

    im sorry but i really love the game i 'enjoyed' the game so hard to race against my friends
    but im really getting pissed of noobs always blocking and ramming you or players that can't ovetake you
    that start ramming. In a another game i saw they added IGA (in game administrator)
    if they saw someone ramming or breaking rules they just typed /b then an ID number and the duration of his ban
    i think this could be a solution to keep rammers and rule breakers off the game or to make them clear they have to stop it.
    you can only become an IGA if you have good behaviour in the game and respect the rule's thats a change to become an IGA
    not all players can become one. the iga always says the duration of the ban but you 4th ban is +1 month ,5th ban is +3 months and 6th ban is per
    if your allready banned in the game or have been banned your change to become an IGA decreases.
    all players get an ID number so its easy for admin to ban a rammer
    they must type ' /b (ban) or /k(kick) , ID , duration of ban, reason.
    i hope this can happen for mp and keeps those rammers away from the game so there is more fun and stressful battle's

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