Dynamic Professional Racing is an Endurance/Sprint Sim Racing Group dedicated to bringing an authentic and fun experiance for racers on Project Cars for PS4 and Xbox who love Sports Car based racing ranging from Le Mans Prototypes to Grand Touring Racers. We are all about enjoying the thrills of this spectrum while having a hardcore sim experiance at the same time. We follow many real life rules while implementing our own for realism and a well balanced fun factor. If you want to join in on the fun, just ask to join! Just be clean, respectful, and remember above all else to enjoy the experiance.

We race on Friday and Saturday Evenings from 4PM-8PM Eastern Time. Times are the estimated start times of said sessions including Practice, Qualifying, and the Race. Races range anywhere from 45 Minutes to a Full Fledged 6 Hours.

DPR is intended to be based on a Yearly 4 Season System. In each Season, there are 6-10 Races. Since there are 52 Weeks in a Year, that gives room for 52 Races per Year. DPR intends to use multiple series throughout its lifespan. The Current Goal is to have 1 Series on Friday (Sprint: 30 Minute Practice, 15-20 Minute Qualifying and 30 Minute Races), and a Saturday Series (Endurance: 30 Minute Practice, 20-30 Minute Qualifying, and 45 Minutes to 6 Hour Races). While there would be 13 Weeks per season, The days in which are not registered for a Series Race are held as either a Break Day or a Special Events. Special Events may include the 240 Minutes of Le Mans, the Sahlen 6 Hours at the Glen, The Indianapolis 500m and the Daytona 24hr upon release of Project Cars 2

The Main Series to run on Saturday evenings is the Virtual World Sports Car Series. VWSCS is a LMP2 and GT3/E based series that mixes the elements of ELMS, Tudor, and WEC into one package. This series is meant as a Virtual Replacement for the FIA WEC. Tracks may include Le Mans, Spa, Watkins Glen, Sakitto, and Much More. For every season that WSCS is hosted, the Tracks swap up a little keeping some old Staple Races while adding new ones for a refreshing season.

The Amateur Series to run on Friday eveings is one to follow a Similar track list as WSCS, based on the Continental Tyre Sports Car Challenge, it uses the GT4 and GT5 (G40 Cup Car) Classes. The idea is much like WSCS, however Races are shorter and less demanding. This is a good place for Amateurs to start Sprint/Endurance Racing. Especially in the GT5 Car.

If youíre interested at all, just give a shout in our Discord channel. Click Here for Discord Itís meant to be a serious challenge with a strong fun factor. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them as well.

We hope to see you on the track!