We are glad to introduce the new SRD-R3 dashboard for the PC racing simulation compatible with Project CARS (2 Ready).

The SRD-R3 is a new LED data display for the visualization of vehicle, engine and telemetry data compatible with the best racing games and simulators for PC. Information is displayed through 16 LED display with different digit's height: 1 digit 0.56", 7 digit 0.3" and 8 digit 0.2". The SRD-R3 includes also a full RPM gauge, 6 configurable high brightness LEDs, 3 flags/alarms LEDs and a dedicated light for the fuel warning and the DRS (Drug Reduction System). The integrated 2.4kHz acoustic sounder (configurable on the software) and the adjustable brightness completes the functionalities of new SRD-R3 that includes the powerfull SRD-M3 software for a easy dashboard configuration: select the game of your choice, take to the track and enjoy the realism like you've never experienced before. With the new SRD-R3 data display, you will find it easy to improve your performance, seconds after seconds, tenth by tenth, because now everything is under your control!

Equipped with a micro USB connector on the rear, the new SRD-R3 is designed to get a full view of the car parameters like speed, gear, fuel, kers, lap timing and time gap sector by sector (+/-), race position, laps completed, engine coolant temperature and engine oil pressure; in addition to this there are six high brightness purple LEDs and three flags/alarms LEDs (red, yellow, blue) assignable by the user to show additional information such as fuel or engine temperature alarms, TC (Traction Control) status, DRS and more. Supplied the new software SRD-M3 (SRD Manager 3) compatible with more than 40 games and simulators including the F1 and DiRT series by Codemasters, rFactor2, iRacing, Project CARS and Assetto Corsa.

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