Hi guys,

There are a few things I don't seem to get, so may I ask?
I'm using the ffb file alternative medium and it occurs to me, it doesn't spike. Okay, thats a good thing.

Now, I read a lot about this and those vertical bars are the main thing as far as I get it.
Ow well, the way I get it is this: those bars have a stripe in it and that is "current" as in; happening at that moment.
There is also a "column" inside that stays a bit longer and that one says "it was like this".
The first column is 0 to 20% ffb strength, the second one is 20-40% and so on.

So......when I use a car or get a different one, I always look at the vertical pillars.
With some cars, the last pilar, the stripe in there, is spiking to the top. As I see it; that is spiking in my ffb as the 80 to 100% ffb pillar is maxed out.
Now I would suspect the utter right pillar, the "ffb spiking pillar" as I think it is, should do something to as the ffb is clearly to its maximum?

I've looked, read, seen videos, but this is how I understand it is; what am I not getting here?
Why do I seem to be wrong?