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Thread: Congratulations WMD

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    Congratulations WMD

    So far enjoying what I see, and feel. Running 4k x 3 on a GTX1080ti full blown ultra max settings. The load on the GPU in terms of noise and heat is *markedly* lower than PC1 at the same settings.

    The data from my load sensor modified Logitech pedal set (including the Bodnar cable) is running much, much more smoothly and accurately. The braking performance is exemplary. You do it right and you're rewarded. Do it wrong and you'll get locking. Very nice. PC1 not so much.

    Crew Chief runs great (love getting cussed out by that guy). Dashmeterpro was a problem at first. In PC1 you don't even need DashMeterPro Com, but the clients didn't want to detect UDP. Finally had to set DashMeterPro Com to XP3 compatibility and rebuild the preferences.ini. Now the data on the DashMeterPro clients is running even smoother than with PC1.

    The new car setup screens will take some adjusting for these old eyes.

    Having some issues with FFB fading in and out, and although I miss car\track specific FFB setups I also strongly suspect managing FFB globally really is a better way to go. For the record I'm on Fanatec Club Sport 2.5. I'm sure you'll get it right.

    I haven't gone solo racing, and I'm sure the online races are a real er.... experience... right now, so there is a lot I haven't seen yet. However, as a technologist\developer for 25 years I am quite impressed with the release from a functional let's-get-in-the-car-and-make-our-stuff-work perspective.

    Now to go start moving setups over....


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    I have had some really WOW moments!

    Stuff being randomly kicked up from cars ahead.
    I touched wheels with an AI in a Formula Rookie race, and he launched into the air.
    I tried the Panoz at Le Mans and the engine note almost made me cry!
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