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Thread: fanaleds not working on pc 2?

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    fanaleds not working on pc 2?

    Hi everyone, I can not make fanaleds functions on pc 2, pc 1 works perfectly.

    I am using the 2.4m version and there is no way to make it work in my elite csl fanatec on pc.

    Anyone else feels the same .

    Please help. Thank you.

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    I don't now Fanaleds, but did you Need to Point to an .exe File of pCars2?

    If yes, be sure you choose the right one. (Start the Game and look to the Versionnumber of the Game. If it has an AVX at the end you Need to point to avx Version of pCars2)
    If you haven't the AVX then choose the other one.

    Im sure someone with Fanatec Know How will chime in soon... (IF my Answer is wrong)
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    in version 2.4m
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    Has anyone gotten it working? I have tried both Fanaleds and sliMAX, and neither one detects the game. It almost seasm as if the Shared Memory setting is not working.

    I have tried the following:

    - Shared Memory = pCARS1, Fanaleds 2.4m to pCARS1 - No Joy
    - Shared Memory = pCARS1, Fanaleds 2.4m to pCARS2 - No Joy
    - Shared Memory = pCARS2, Fanaleds 2.4m to pCARS1 - No Joy
    - Shared Memory = pCARS2, Fanaleds 2.4m to pCARS2 - No Joy

    I have tried all of the above combinations with UDP on and off, and this does not make a difference. I have also restarted the game after every change to the above settings with no success. For whatever reason, the game is not sending the Shared Memory data to the app (or the app is not receiving it anyways).

    The in game RPM/Gear setting was also truned to OFF in all cases, however that should not impact whether Fanaleds 2.4m sees Project CARS 2 or not. The INFO section of the Fanaleds interface simply does not show any connection to the game as shown in the screen shot below (outlined in red - screenshot taken with the game running). As far as the app is concerned there is no game running, regardless of the settings in the game.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Fanaleds_Issue.png 
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ID:	240416

    Note that I have had the exact same results when performing the above tests with sliMAX, which leads me to believe it is an issue with the Shared Memory setting in the game, and NOT the 3rd party apps.

    EDIT: Just to confirm, Fanaleds v2.4m worked flawlessly when I was using it with the pCARS1 game, as did sliMAX. The issue is specific to the pCARS2 and it's Shared Memory implementation
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