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    I wonder if all liveries from Pcars 1 are in Pcars 2 because we never have enough liveries.

    For PCars 3 i suggest a livery database where everybody could load his own livery. Each car should be released with a template available in his folder. Liveries update could be made thru Steam (when you log), yep it would take bandwidth, not sure it's doable if SMS has to pay for it.
    A rating system could disable bad liveries.
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    There are already a lot of ideas on the WMD forums for skins (many similar to what you have listed). SMS does understand the need for custom liveries especially with the growing eSports and sponsorship. I'm sure as soon as the resources and time make since, we'll see improvements in this space. Not sure though if that will be a PC2 or next generation though.
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