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Thread: Cars performance stats VS actual in-game cars performance

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    Cars performance stats VS actual in-game cars performance

    Why i started this thread? Normally racing games tend to exaggerate speed and power, but in PCARS 2 case it seems to be the OPPOSITE!

    So, i read the stats, Nissan R32 - 500HP, i can barely reach over 220km speed with sloppy acceleration...ok...some engine restrictions maybe, to comply with Gr. A regulations? Ford Sierra on the other hand feels like a beast!
    Next, Mitsubishi with 940 HP, it should rotate the earth with its torque you may think? Nope... feels like a 500 HP best.
    GT4 cars, 400+ HP, all goes like 200-250 HP cars IRL, just for instance here it is a video with stock E46 230HP (i had one so i know how it accelerates),

    Now about the good instances, Mad Mikes Mazda - spot on, Formulas - spot on, most all supercars - spot on, GT3 - spot on, i mean you can feel the actual brutal power and it seems believable.

    BTW, GT3 and GT4 cars are not much different in HP, but GT4 seems so much under-powered in-game as all other 300-400 HP cars are a well...they all feel like 200-250 HP (artificially to more differentiate from supercars for gameplay purposes?) just check how actually brutal GT4 is IRL

    I really love this game in general and i want you to prove me i am missing something and that in-game telemetry is correct, thank you in advance.
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    I've got the same problem with the car I've driven the most which is the Ford GTE says the top speed is 192 I can barely get up to 178 in slipstream no down force and gear adjustments gets absolutely destroyed on straights

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    Group A & GT4 for me are the worse cars just not feeling the ones i tried to far. Oh yeah the escort mk1 racing? just felt boring, rear glued added rear brake bias & just feels overly tame & it runs off default wets?
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    nice to hear i am not alone, would be nice to escalate this topic somehow in that case i would do some tests with top speeds and so on if there will be any decent interest from the members. First test in Le Mans straight. Cayman GT4 , default setup 266-ish km/h, all ducts closed, tyres full pressure 277-ish km/h. In-game stats claims 295 km/h.
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