Hi guys,

I'm absolutely loving the game, ace work there SMS!

Having not taken part in pre-alpha/beta development process this time round, I've got a couple of questions related to different subjects that emerged after playing the game for a week now. Maybe you can help me shed some light on those, so here goes without further ado:

1) Motion Blur technique

I'm wondering, has anything been changed in terms of motion blur in the final version of the game compared to the development builds?

I may be wrong, but looking e.g. at the replay below (not mine), I get the impression that the motion blur used in this particular dev build looks somewhat different, perhaps smoother and more like an actual TV-camera replay style blur than the one in the release version.

Is there a specific setting to enable this kind of blur? I already turned up motion blur in the graphic settings to the highest, but I'm pretty sure it still looks different.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally fine with the solution in use now, but seing what eventually has already been used during development made me interested in whether there were some last minute changes to this.

2) Optional 30fps cap for replays on PC and track-dependent replay cameras

I wonder if it would be an option to introduce a 30 fps cap for replays on PC too, like already in place on consoles?

While having a quite decent system (see sig) myself, I tend to experience slowdowns and frame drops predominantly while watching replays, with certain camera angles and long range shots being more demanding than e.g. close-ups or flybys, and obvioulsy influenced by weather and time of day too.

Don't get me wrong, I love to watch replays at a steady 60 fps, but I think that an (optional) fps cap might help providing a more consistent experience for users with systems that are perfectly fine to maintain 60fps during gameplay but struggle with the framerate in replays.

I don't know how difficult it would be to implement this, so please just take this a mere suggestion from a guy who loves watching replays, and replays in PC2 are definitely among the best.

Moreover, I noticed that e.g. Long Beach has alternating replay cameras, meaning that you get to watch different camera angles in certain positions (e.g. at the roundabout) in different laps. I'd love to see this featured at other tracks too (haven't tested them all, tbh), as it imho adds a certain randomness to the replays and thus aids immersion

3) Post-release High-Resolution Texture Pack

On the topic of DLC, what I'd really love to see besides cars and tracks (which are of course always welcome) is a high resolution pack, ideally encompassing either pumped up and slightly less repetitive track/road surface textures as well as more detailed car skins/liveries.

Especially on an Ultra HD Screen, you really learn to appreciate true high res assets, with lower quality ones tending to stand out even more. I know that this would certainly come at a price, with increased VRAM usage and potentially huge download sizes (looking at you, Forza Motorsport 7) only to mention the more obvious, but I think it will definitely help pushing the game to another level (visually that is).

Personally, I'd happily be willing to pay for it too, knowing that developing high quality assets usually requires a lot of work and time (especially when made from scratch) and I think this should not go unrewarded in case SMS decides to go the extra mile.

Apart from the odd first/third person shooter game, Grid Autosport springs to mind as an example of a racing game that has received a high resolution pack after release. Eventually also the launch of the Xbox One X may help in deciding in favor of e.g. adopting a similar strategy used in FM7, where the souped-up device will get higher res assets/textures compared to the base version.

Thank you very much in advance!