Hi All,

I've got a question about the tachometer as it is represented in Project Cars 2. I've noticed that in many instances, the HUD tach has a different redline than the in-dashboard tachometer on the car. That makes me wonder about which is more accurate. If the HUD tach is more accurate, does that put players who play without a HUD at a disadvantage? And if the in-dash tach is more accurate, does that give players who use the HUD and who for whatever reason cannot see the in-dash tach a disadvantage as well? I don't know which is better, but judging by in-play experience, I believe the HUD tach is more accurate. Serious simmers (and YouTubers) such as Jimmy Broadbent, ViperConcept, Alex of the Extra Mile, Gamer Muscle Videos, Mike from SimRacing 604 and all the rest of the hardcore, no HUD racers and YouTubers I'm subscribed to (who probably all know well enough just by engine noise) may be basing their gear change times on erroneous information.

I know that this is just a game, and that everyone will adapt and (hopefully) improve, but it's a good question, I think.

Any opinions/comments?