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Thread: SIM Dashboard - Highly customizable Companion App for Android (supports PC/PS4/XBOX)

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    Hi Dhiego!

    For 1: This is not intended. This is a mapping issue, when the PC application parses the game data. It will be resolved with the next update of the PC Application (I will collect some more stuff before releasing an update tho)

    For 2: Seems that the game captures the controller exclusively, so that the PC Application is not able to read the button states of the controller anymore. I'll check that with an Xbox One controller on my system, to see if there is anything I can do to workaround that. Thanks for letting me know!
    PC - Wheel Thrustmaster T300RS - T3PA-PRO - TH8A Shifter - RaceRoom RR3055 Seat - SIM Dashboard Android Companion App
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    Love the look of this app, went to download it to try it out and getting a " not available in your country" error. I am in the Isle of Man and get this occasionally with apps. Is there any way you can fix this ?

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    Sorry for trying to resurect a very old thread. I'm surprised it's not busier though. The app is simply excellent. For any of you who have maybe moved on to other telemetry apps, give this one another try. The development is constant with regular updates. The app has grown so much. I don't race without it.

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