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Thread: Another video Cataluyna GT3 Project cars 2 Race -NEW DASH SOFTWARE-

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    Another video Cataluyna GT3 Project cars 2 Race -NEW DASH SOFTWARE-

    My video of a 3 Lap race with new dash software from Pyrofrog, Great looking software and easy to you, the dash template im using has switchable pages, showing, brake temps, tyre temps, delta times and more! configured it to a dial on my wheel and was changing on the fly.

    Thought i drive in the Porsche GT3 as the dash is a exact replica. AI set to about 75% and default aggression. Was very enjoyable to drive, the Porsche is planted and very easy. I think i can push the AI up further for a much more challenging race.

    My hardware im using is

    Pro-simu 5 Motion platform
    Custom Aluminium profile chassis
    Logykal actuator covers
    Recaro replica carbon seat
    SimFai SF Pro-1 OSW Direct drive wheel
    Simulateit sequential shifter
    HE handbrake
    DSD Button box
    Rseat XL monitor stand(modified legs)
    3 x BENQ XR3501 monitors
    Oculus Rift

    Intel i7 7700k
    Gigabyte 1080ti Extreme graphics card
    Asus Maximus z270 motherboard
    Corsair 32gb DDR4
    Corsair 1200ax PSU
    Custom water loop cooler
    2x 512mg m.2 ssd
    Creative PCI-E sound card
    Thermaltake wall mounted P5 case
    Logitech z5500 speakers
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