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Thread: How To... Export Replays

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    How To... Export Replays


    I've been looking everywhere to find information on how to export replays to view them outside the game, like on Youtube or just a MP4 player, but no success.

    It would be great if we could do it straight from the game...

    Until SMS gives us this option, could someone write a simple procedure to create a file to see the replays outside the game?

    Thanks a lot.

    FYI, I have a GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB (Asus).

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    I record replays using Geforce's Shadowplay/Share feature then upload to Youtube.
    Before recording you can open Geforce Experience and adjust your recording settings (resolution, framerate, bitrate), you can find info on recommended video settings for Youtube here.
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    This isn't an export option but you can try installing OBS and doing a full display capture to MP4. OBS is pretty low overhead but you'll have to play with framerate, bitrate, and resolution to find what your computer can comfortably handle. If I can make a suggestion, push up framerate first, then bitrate, then resolution. I think with a fast moving game you'll get better smooth videos if you focus in that order.

    Once set up and tested, capture the whole display to file, play the recording, then you can upload the file to YouTube. This is also an easy way to stream to Twitch.

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    10 Best Game Recording Software For Windows
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    A few helpful links for you

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    I use OBS for both my VR and ‘2D’ replay video captures.
    There are some good YouTube videos going through the best bang for your buck(even though it’s free) settings.
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