Hello, is there any way to completely reset / delete my save game for my account? Where are saved this data ? If done everything I can: remove game e save game from console and from cloud, soft reset the console, deleted the game but nothing to do, every time I restart pcj2 the console sincronize the save (I really donít know where it bring it??!!?) and all setting are gone but player name, last name, initials and nationality, driver license progress still remain ... why??? Could please help?

P.s. I want to remove all data because thereís a bug linked to my driver info, initials words in multiplayer are wrong and different from the initials set in driver info, the totals race wins totals counter (the one every visible in the menu game within gamer tag ) still remain 0 0 0 0... and never change when I win a race.

Iím very frustrating about this, is possible have a working solution for this bug?
Any help will be appreciated.