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Thread: Chat box in VR

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    Chat box in VR

    I having a really hard time reading the in game chats while in VR. Is there any adjustments I can make to improve this. The letters are are kind of blurry. I'm able to move/zoom all other objects in the HUD but can't seem to do anything with the chat box. For that matter it's the same when in lobby. I'm using PSVR with Trinus if this matters.

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    I too struggle with the chat box. Most times, when i hit the button on my wheel that's linked to opening the chat box, I don't see it come up in VR, then I'm constantly taking the headsetr off, mouse clicking the box, then putting on the headset where I can now see the box, and start typing. Although I can see it in the lobby, M.C. Hammer is goin' "Can't Touch This.." It's frustrating. PC/Oculus Rift here. Running PCars2 @ 1080p windowed on a 1440p monitor while in VR. Integrating the chat box into the HUD so it can be moved would maybe help?
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    The panel resolution simply isn't there.

    While in vr.
    voice coms are king.
    Honestly is outside of VR as well.
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    A curved Hud would solve some problems.

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