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    Z1 Dashboard

    Version 4.15 of the Z1 Dashboard is here!

    Highlights include:
    * 9 new dashboards included
    * movable track maps
    * updates to existing dashboards
    * new automatic shift light patterns
    and more!

    We know everyone loves the new dashboards, some here are a sampling of the new ones:

    911 RSR Dash 1

    911 RSR Dash 2

    911 RSR Pit Dash

    Stockcar 2016 Dash 3B

    Stockcar 2016 Dash 6B

    Existing users can see their download options here:

    New users can get the demo here:

    Here is the full list of release notes:
    * Added 4 new stockcar dashboards. These are Stockcar 2016 Dash 1B, 2B, 3B and 6B. They are versions of the stock car 2016 dashboards formatted for 480x272 ratio displays. This allows users that use square displays as opposed to the wide screen displays to still be able to use these dashboards.

    * Added 5 new dashboards associated with the Porsche 911 RSR. These are the Porsche 911 RSR Pit Dash, and the Porsche 911 RSR Dash 1-4.

    * There is a new setting in the Track Map tab. This is called 'Track Style'. It can be set to Static or Moving. Static is the default and displays the track map from above as it has always been displayed. This option will include the sector overlays if desired, the directional arrow, the wind display, the pit stop loss overlays, the pit lane if defined, and all other competitors.

    The new Moving option displays the track map from your point of view. Your car is always located at the bottom center of the display and the track map revolves around this position. This option will display the pit stop loss overlays and all other competitors. Note because the track map moves around and not all parts are always visible it is likely that the pit loss displays will be off-screen and therefore not visible. The sector overlay, pit lane, and directional arrow are not displayed in this configuration in order to reduce CPU load. Note that this option may have a slightly negative effect on FPS within the sim as it is more CPU intensive as we have to recompute and redraw the map every frame.

    Selecting the 'Moving' option will override the 'Render With' setting to always be 'Vector'.

    The new Moving option is available for all track maps, except Track Map 4. This track map will always show the track from the static top-down view. This allows you to have both a moving and static track map in your dashboard rotation.

    * There are 4 new automatic shift light patterns. These illuminate the shift lights from outside to inside. Previously all automatic patterns illuminated the shift lights from left to right. These new patterns are called 'All CTR (80-98%)' which illuminates each LED individually, starting at 80% of max RPM until they are all lit at 98% of max RPM. 'All CTR (65-98%)' which illuminates each LED individually, starting at 65% of max RPM until they are all lit at 98% of max RPM. 'Grouped CTR (80-98%)' which illuminates the LEDs in groups, starting at 80% of max RPM until they are all illuminated at 98% of max RPM. 'Grouped CTR (65-98%)' which illuminates the LEDs in groups, starting at 65% of max RPM until they are all illuminated at 98% of max RPM.

    * Multiple updates to the Kart Racing Pro interface to implement speech output, provide sector timings, update data logging, and many other small improvements.

    * Updated to work with the latest version of Kart Racing Pro.

    * Added Cylinder Head Temperature and Fuel Level Percentage to Kart Racing Pro data logging.

    * Updated the RaceRoom track creation to allow for inconsistencies in various RaceRoom track center spline lines.

    * Cleaned up several of the dash names to better group them together in the Car 2 tab drop down.

    * Several graphical and informational updates to the Kart 1,2,3 dashboards.

    * Now reads air and track temps, and weather conditions from Kart Racing Pro.

    * Data Logging now records cylinder head temperature for those sims that support it. This is currently only Kart Racing Pro.

    * The Z1 Server will now allow you to cycle through multiple IP addresses if they are available. Most computers will have a single IP address. That is the one that the Server will connect to and display. However on some machines there could be multiple IP addresses due to virtual systems, backup IPs, or other possible reasons. In these cases the Server will display a count next to the IP address. It will say 1 of 2 (3,4,5, etc). By default it will always choose the first IP address to register against. However sometimes that can be incorrect. If you are finding that the Dashboard can't connect and that the Server has more than one IP address option, then on the Server click on the IP address in the display. It will change to the next IP address. Try entering this address into the Dashboard to see if it can connect.

    * The Audi R18 dash has been updated to include percentage bars displayed along with the battery charge and battery deployment per lap displays. This should make it easier to quickly glance at these levels while racing.

    * There is a new setting in the Track Map tab called 'Fill Dots'. This is on by default. If you turn this off, then the dots used to display the car locations on the track maps will not be filled in. This can make it easier to see the track map on longer tracks, where the filled in dot map cover up some of the detail.

    * There is now an option in the Car 1 tab called 'Auto Fuel Dens'. This sets whether or not the fuel density is automatically determined based on data from the sim. It is on by default. If you turn this off you can then enter the fuel density for the car. The fuel density is measuring kilograms/liter. It is 0.75 by default for all manual entries. Currently the only sim to supply this information is iRacing.

    * Updated various dependencies related to graphics and display to improve performance and stability.

    * The Project Cars 1 and Project Cars 2 network connectivity options have been combined into a single drop down where you select the version you would like to connect to.

    * Small updates to the rally cross dashboards.

    Download the demo today:
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    Great!!! Thank you so much. This and Crewchief makes the game the best SIM ever on the racing catagory....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfred57 View Post
    Great!!! Thank you so much. This and Crewchief makes the game the best SIM ever on the racing catagory....

    Glad you like the Z1 software!

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    What is the suggested UDP Frequency setting? Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Rowland View Post
    What is the suggested UDP Frequency setting? Thank you.
    Right now it uses the Shared Memory option - so the UDP frequency has no effect.

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    Version 4.13 of the Z1 Dashboard comes with some new dashboards, several variations to existing dashboards, some graphical updates, and the introduction of shadows.

    The new dashes include one for the Porsche 919 LMP1; a new Formula 1 dash; and a new stock car dash.

    We've also made graphical updates that improve the looks of a dashboard or add shadows to that dashboard.

    These are the Z1 Dash 1; F1 1980s Dash, IMSA Dash 1 & 2, Lotus 49 Dash, Lotus 79 Dash, Lotus Elise SC Dash, RUF Dashboards, Spec Race Ford Dash and Skip Barber Dash.

    Finally we've added variations to 4 existing dashboards, replacing the fuel pressure gauge with a fuel level gauge.

    These are the Legends Ford B Dash The SK Modified B Dash The Monte Carlo SS B Dash and the Silverado B Dash.

    Make sure you get the latest version of the Z1 Dashboard here:

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    Porsche Dashboards

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    Did the software ever become console compatible?
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    Quote Originally Posted by inthebagbud View Post
    Did the software ever become console compatible?
    Not yet - but we are working on it.
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    did you ever check their homepage ?
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