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Thread: A. Horrible. Joke.

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    A. Horrible. Joke.

    That is my conclusion from playing PC2 for a couple days.
    Came from more than one year of consistent playing PC1, hoping for more of the same, minus the rammers and trolls.
    Today’s efforts:
    - finished second in indy at Mazda Laguna, zero touches, crashes, penalties, etc. Gained 2 points on my licence. Big encouragement, huh?!?!
    - qualified 6 in a race and got binned out before the race started
    - qualified 2 and got stuck in end of qualifying screen. 5 minutes later, had to reboot the the game
    - etc.
    What a f***ing horrible joke.
    This is a badly unfinished beta cluster***k.
    Going back to GT Sport.

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    Yeah best thing you can do indeed.
    Have fun with GT sport.
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    Only 2 points? Damn, that's rough! FIA points system says 2nd place gets 18 POINTS!!!

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