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Thread: Handling Issues when playing with >16 AI Opponents

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    Handling Issues when playing with >16 AI Opponents

    When playing with more than 16 AI opponents the games handling completely changes, making the car undriveable (and Im not just being hyperbolic here, like many of the other forum posts Ive seen :P). The best way I can describe it is that the car feels like it has no grip (even with warm tyres on a hot track e.g. Laguna Seca in Summer) and the suspension feels like its been set extremely soft. On turn in the car pitches to one side (again its like the suspension is just extremely soft on the side of the car opposite to the direction of the corner e.g. on a left hand turn it feels like the suspension on the right hand side of the car is extremely soft making the car lean to this side and not turn in). When on straights the car also veers left and right for no reason. Ive had this problem since day 1 but I was hoping it would be addressed in one of the patches, but unfortunately not. I hope my explanation makes sense, its a hard issue to describe in writing, basically, the games handling completely collapses when I try to race with more than 15-16 AI Opponents. Thanks.

    P.S. Playing on an older model Xbox One
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    I agree the car feels like it has a broken sway bar after running too many ai. Almost like the physics model scales down after so many ai.

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    I had PC2 before and got rid because of the handling on gamepad. I got it again as a free download from Xbox Live Gold to try again and with some fine tuning I've got to grips with it now. I didn't realise about the handling bug, just thought it handled bad. Then I thought ha d a breakthrough when I did a race with just my car, and it handled much better. I could hold corners better, power out better and enjoyed it properly. So I tried a full Grid race and it went to pot straight away. It handled like a boat. Every corner oversteer and spinning out, snappy snatchy horrible handling. Tried several cars with the same result. Great on its own, terrible with AI. After reading this thread and others like it I realised the problem and using less AI I can race as well as I do on single car. Sometimes though if you push the AI numbers a bit too much you can get an odd sudden pull to one side on straights as if the AI physics are affecting yours. At least I know how to get my car handling properly.

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