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Thread: Driving around Laguna Seca

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    Driving around Laguna Seca

    I am new to this game, I have about 32 hours play time since the end of November. I have played the Geoff Crammond "Grand Prix" series back in the day and I tried out various F1 games over the years. Never played a real sim though. Love the game so far and love the learning curve.

    Now I am trying my hand at streaming and video production in Project Cars 2. I have some experience with streaming for a tabletop game and I am fascinated how easy it is to stream from the Playstation.

    I thought I would start with driving around Laguna Seca for a while. I love the BMW M6 GT3 in this game, so this was the choice for a car.

    This is the video of the stream I ran last night.

    A few things on this. I play with a controller, since I don't want to invest in a wheel + racing seat right now. I am also trying out Tilt Motion Steering and just before this stream found a few setting suggestions on the forums that I tried out. That is why you see me spinning out so much in the beginning and constantly fiddling with the settings. Once I get a bit more practice, its gonna be smoother.

    This is the TV camera replay of the race I ran at the end of the stream.

    Some thoughts on that as well:

    - In a race a couple of days ago, I set AI difficulty to 30 and ran rings around the AI. I immediately pushed it up to 50 and could barely hold my own against the AI. That is why I set it to 40 here, but that seems too low, I'll have to push it up to 50 or 60
    - I wasn't aware that the AI didn't swap tyres in a pit stop. That is the reason I drop to the end of the pack after my pit stop (at least I think so)
    - I should have lowered the amount of fuel I initially carried, cause that would have easily lasted me the whole race
    - Apparently the Pit Crew disappears in TV camera replay
    - The first half of the race is great, after the pit stop I simply forget how to drive, otherwise I think I would have eventually caught up with the back of the field much sooner
    - Next time I'll probably switch to rotating cameras

    Any comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.
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