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Thread: Frame rate

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    Frame rate


    Just wondering if their is an option to display frame rate on the PC version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevebug View Post

    Just wondering if their is an option to display frame rate on the PC version.
    Steam overlap does it. You just have to tick a checkbox in steam's settings and select where you want it.
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    If using an nVidia video card, the Geforce Experience overlay can also enable a framerate counter
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    I use the monitoring overlay that comes witht the MSI Afterburner package as it allows for so much more (I have important GPU stats displayed at the press of a button to monitor state of multi GPUs).

    The setup to achieve the display that YOU want is a little more involving than just simple FPS counters but it is FULLY customizable both in what info is displayed and how it is displayed + you can easily use it as a benchmarking tool and record ALL computer sensor stats over extended times to file to investigate performance issues.
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