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Thread: How to post information for your league

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    Exclamation How to post information for your league

    Please follow these simple steps when posting information for your league:

    1. In the subject title, post the platform for your league at the beginning of the title using:

    • [ALL]
    • [PC]
    • [PS4]
    • [XB1]

    ex. [PC] Dilly Dilly Racing League - Sign up now!

    2. In your post, make sure to list the frequency of the races (i.e. weekly, twice a week, etc) and/or the schedule.

    3. Put a timezone with the time of your events so those who may not be in your country can see if they can make the races.

    4. Links to your league forum are acceptable and welcome.

    If you have made a thread already for your league and you do not have the platform listed on your subject line, just PM a moderator and we'll get that added for you.
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