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Thread: Sportsmanship lack

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    Sportsmanship lack

    20min race, crahsed like this on 2nd lap I am forced to quit and lose rating.
    There's gotta be some kinda of a fix, even a report would do.

    You can see he smashed my tail on purpose and made me flip my car lol,
    I did no harm to him previously. He maybe thought I did but still...

    This kinda behaviour deserves at least a temporary ban, or some kinda punishment
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    I'd really like to see the whole video. No excuse for that kind of behaviour but in my experience it rarely happens in a vacuum.
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    Got the whole video saved but there's no real need of uplaoding it really. As said - I did no harm to him previously. Maybe he thought I did but still...

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    Looks like retaliation for something. Maybe he confused you for someone else. Unfortunate really.
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    Yes, I agree with you at that

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