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Thread: [Question] Project Cars 1 doesn't starts on my xbox

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    [Question] Project Cars 1 doesn't starts on my xbox


    first of all I want to say that my english isnt that good and I don't know if this section is correct so please move it when its wrong.

    My problem is the following one:

    Everytime I start Project Cars on my XBOX ONE X the stuck at the point where I need to press the Button "A".
    Then it loads hours of hours and I cannot do anything. I restarted the XBOX severall times and shutted it down a whole day.
    So the next step I did was to reinstall the game and it wont work.

    I hope that someone can help me, I tryed it on a german forum for PCars2.


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    Project Cars 1 works fine on my Xbox One X. Did you completely delete your game save profile on the console & the cloud?
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