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Thread: Am I the only one that has a horrible feedback with the FA ?

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    Question Am I the only one that has a horrible feedback with the FA ?

    Hello all !

    I wanna talk about the FA car in this game, and I would like to know if you guys also miss the old FA from Project CARS 1, because I really do.

    The fact is the car is the total opposite of what it should be like. Indeed, this car is supposed to fit the 2011 FIA ruleset for F1. As far as I know, these cars had a very huge grip thanks to the level of downforce and the blown diffuser, that means the car should be very stable and very quick in the corners although they weren't really that quick in straight lines (except at Monza of course).

    However, I feel like the FA in Project CARS 2 has the opposite behavior. It is very quick in the straight lines, even with maximum downforce, yet they have poor grip and they are very loose at the back if you try to counter the poor grip this car has basically.

    Even if FA in Project CARS 1 was far from being realistic as you had both insane grip and speed, the behavior of the car was very close though from what we could see in real life. Huge grip, stability, and they were very fast in the corners, so you could enable DRS a lot in one lap.

    So I really wonder if the car is going to change in the future or if it's going to stay like this.
    I mean, if you drive with the other categories, Indycar for example, they are lovely to drive, the handling seems very close to the real competition, and I absolutely enjoy every single moment when driving such cars, so that's why I feel like the FA car in this game is not what it should be like. Do you guys agree with this ?
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