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Thread: When Drivethrough is not enough?

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    When Drivethrough is not enough?

    I was in a race today, in Silverstone. This one driver, cut all the corners. Not just curners.. entire sectors.
    He got a Drive through, but kept cutting corners for 6 laps.

    Then took the drive through, and continued the race more or less staying within the track, but hitting and rammign everyone off it.
    Is the drive through meant to erase and cover so many insidents, and then just forgive anything asif nothing happened?
    Also - whats up with the terrible online raceling latelly? The last couple of days have been terrible for me.. I get a dejavou from an other racing game that i ran away from
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    I think once you've got a DT, you aren't affected by slowdowns, so cut away until you pit! (is not the right answer)

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    If you are joining the server there is not much you can do, you can only vote to kick.

    If you host on the other hand you can kick, set the penalty limits before DT or DQ, set server minimum ranking and above all else : Not setting up a GT3 race. GT3 is a morron magnet..

    When there is a practice or long qualifying session, monitor the field in the pits and report any "unsavory" behaviors to the host, if he/she kick to guilty party it's a good sign, if nothing happens, just remember both names and once you start hosting your own race or finding more high quality people (public lobby or a league), tell everyone to stay away from them.

    But if a cheater or rammer is about to win or do something stupid, just give him a nudge into a gravel trap, by the time he gets out you have yourself a true race. After the race is done, send him a nice "sorry, did not mean to hit you."

    Edit : @ PCARSFFBSADNESS : That is incredible... In a bad way, on longer track you can basically cancel out your DT.
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    Rammers do not care about winning or DTs. They are miserable people. They only care about making everyone's lives miserable. They can hit you and your sportsmanship rating will go down. If you rage quit, your driver rating will go down.

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