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Thread: [XB1] Sunday GT3 League

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    [XB1] Sunday GT3 League

    This season is 8 rounds over 8 weeks (with each driver allowed to drop the worst two results of the season (excluding penalty penalized races)

    A sign up form will be published for every event each week. Sign up must be completed by midday of race day latest. Failure to sign the form eliminates you from scoring any points should you race (1 warning allowed)

    IF YOU A PART OF THE LEAGUE We ASK THAT YOU SIGN THE FORM WHETHER YOU ARE RACING OR NOT (helps with knowing if we need to add reserve drivers)
    Join our Discord to get involved or message me here for assistance! Discord -

    Qualifying starts at 01:00 GMT

    Car is :- GT3 (will revolve through GT classes prior to start of new season)

    Each weekly event will consist of:-

    1 x 20 minute Qualifying
    1 x 40 Minute Timed Race

    Assists - AUTHENTIC
    Tuning - ALLOWED
    Damage - FULL
    Mechanical Failures - ON
    Dynamic Line - OFF
    Tyre Wear - AUTHENTIC
    Pitstops - OPTIONAL (mistakes turned OFF)
    In Game Date - RL DATE
    Time progression - X30
    Weather - TBD

    Tracks for the Entire season are announced as :-
    Round - Race Start Time -

    1. Zolder 1:00PM
    2. Spa 5:00PM
    3. Road America 3:00PM
    4. COTA GP 1:00PM
    5. Nurburgring GP 10:00AM
    6. Oschlerben 12:00PM
    7. Monza 3:00PM
    8. Catalunya GP 5:00PM

    You will be awarded with a DNS for any races you miss.
    You will be awarded with a DNF for any races you do not finish for any reason.

    Fastest Lap and 2 points will be awarded to the fastest driver in each cup however, if that driver also wins their respective cup race, then the points will not be awarded.

    Car resetting is BANNED. All drivers must now make their way safely back to the circuit. Replays will be saved and anyone caught resetting will be given a DNF for that race. If the reset causes an incident with another car, that driver will be ejected from that season(edited)

    Points system as follows:

    Tier 1
    1st : 20 points
    2nd : 18 points
    3rd : 15 points
    4th : 13 points
    5th : 11 points
    6th : 10 points
    7th : 9 points
    8th : 8 points
    9th : 7 points
    10th : 6 points
    11th : 5 points
    12th : 4 points

    Any racing incidents are exactly that "racing incidents" and unless are clearly deliberate will be taken as purely accidents........this is a game remember.

    Any disconnections during races unfortunately will be treated as a disqualification (DNF) and awarded 0 points.

    If you leave the track for ANY reason whether through fault of your own or another then you must only re-enter if clear. Resets are NOT permitted!!

    If you receive a track penalty you must alert anyone you may cause obstruction to. If possible and safe move off the racing line.

    All back markers must allow plenty of room and time to be overtaken(edited)

    SRL - Simulation . Racing . Leagues

    Xbox One based racing leagues.

    A group dedicated to providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere whilst maintaining a strong commitment to fantastically close, fast, committed and exciting online racing. Lots of banter as long as it stays as banter is always welcome.

    The group welcomes all drivers, slow and fast, to participate in all weekly competitions benefiting from hosted events including full race results and league tables as well as twitch broadcasting.

    We have many more up and coming. Please like our page join our Facebook group - and join our newly formed Discord -
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