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Thread: How to create videos?

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    How to create videos?

    This may sound silly, but how do you show others your replays?

    All well and good watching the replay but how do i create an actual file i can send or post on youtube?

    Never done this before!!!
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    What platform ?

    If your on a PC and have an NVIDIA card, you could use shadowplay to record it (ALTZ, turn it on and hit F10).
    Otherwise, use FRAPS or some other screen capture software to record your replay as you watch it.
    NVidia Card -
    AMD - I think use ReLive -
    Any card -

    If your on a console some have streaming options

    Alternatively, you can add hardware on your video output, that splits the signal (1 to TV, 1 to a seperate computer, where you can use capture software to record it)
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