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Thread: Project Cars 2 Launching Issue

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    Project Cars 2 Launching Issue


    This afternoon, when I tried to launch Project Cars 2 for the first time today, a box appears, saying:

    -Allow game launch?
    -Project CARS 2 is attempting to launch with the optional parameters shown below.


    If you did not request this launch or do not understand these options, select Cancel.

    `ok` `CANCEL`

    I looked at the custom launch parameters to see if anything was added, but there wasn't. If I hit cancel, the box closes and the game doesn't launch, as expected. But, if I hit okay, another -novr appears as an optional parameter shown below. Every further time I hit ok, another -novr is added and the game still won't launch.

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    I had the same message and issue with another game. Next day it was gone. Wonder if it is a Steam issue?

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