Hey guys,

Huge new PC2 fan here! I'm looking for a bit of help with my clutch and stick setup...

Yes I love driving a stick. I always have. However in project cars two getting in neutral is a pain in the ass. I can move the stick to the neutral position yet the car does move to neutral.

The ONLY way I can get it to work is... right before a race. Go to options, controls, go to the clutch button, and push in my clutch pedal..drop back into game. At this point the clutch is backwards... The only way to get it to engage is to push it in then the car starts moving.

I then need to repeat the same thing... go to options.. controls, go to the clutch button and push in my clutch. After that I can put my stick in the N position and the car goes into neutral... Then the clutch works fine. Push it in, shift, let go, push it in, shift, let go...

Other than that its very odd to get into N. I have to shift into 1st then out to get into N and start the car... then hopefully get it into first correctly to get moving.

Does anyone else have a similar problem? I can make a video of all this to show you guys. The game has SO much content and is gorgeous. Its my single player racer

My wheel is a CSL elite PS4 edition with the cell brake set.