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Thread: [PS4] Patch 7.0 discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demon340 View Post
    That’s what I’m wondering as well. At 20GB I’m thinking it must something substantial.
    Did you update from base or something? We have checked here on our retail kit and we are getting a 56mb update.

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    IDk, i turned the PS4 on and it had just started to download. It informed me it would take 16 hrs. I’ve got the worlds worst internet connection though.

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    An ongoing issue which happens seemingly at random since the update is a track selected for a custom online race championship does not always show up correctly once the race is loaded. Any one else experienced this bug? I've discovered some layouts I normally don't race on (glass half full) but it's really annoying when you want a layout that everyone knows and want to battle on (glass half empty).

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    Odd issue tonight while racing with a new host I muted one annoying player with an open mic and when I wanted to leave and send the host a thankyou it would always take me to the guy I muted profile even though he was not even in the lobby anymore. So I left and the host just happen to send me a invite and I thanked him through the invite in the end and made a new buddy

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