I hope that someone can help with this issue that were having with the Online Championship on Xbox.

Im involved with a small league running a TCR series, we run 3 races in an event and to ease the administration of collecting all the results and collating them I decided to run each event using the Online Championship application. So I set it up carefully, allocated drivers to their chosen cars, set up the race options, as this is quite time consuming I did this over a few times saving it each time, what I began to notice was everytime I went back to work on it a bit more was that it kept reverting to a rolling start rather than the standard start that I wanted. We ran the 1st event with the rolling starts to begin with and I promised to have it sorted for the next race weekend but after careful data input and saving the same result.

Can anyone give any advice as to what I may be doing wrong and how to correct it? Or is it an issue with the software?

Any help gratefully received