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Thread: [PARTIALLY RESOLVED] TS-XW not recognised in Project Cars 1

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    Well, you might be on your own. Personally, I'm not sure Thrustmaster was necessarily "in the know" with their answer for you. I would 'assume' it would work given the existing Thurstmaster devices that do, but it's also possible there is something "new" with the device that PC1 doesn't understand since there have been no updates to PC1 since that wheel has been released.
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    Finally got the clutch working. In the mapping screen, although clutch was already assigned to the clutch, it would not calibrate that pedal or allow me to change from auto clutch to manual clutch. However as a last ditch attempt, I went to the configuration button mapping screen and reassigned clutch to the clutch (even though that was what was already selected) and hey presto! the manual/automatic clutch option became enabled and I was then able to calibrate all three pedals. The controller still says "Xbox One Steering Wheel" and displays a picture of the Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Steering Wheel with 2 Pedals (which I can understand as the Wheel is Newer than the Game it probably doesn't have an image to display so displays a default) but at least everything is now working - it even allows the TSS+ Handbrake to be configured as the Handbrake, so thats a result.

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    just upgraded to the ts xw and i have same issue

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